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Laundry Baskets & Hanger

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FOLIE Laundry basket 35x35x58cm GN

Rs. 1,200

FOLIE Laundry basket 35x35x58cm MTC

Rs. 1,200

I-GIANNE Laundry Basket 35x35x58cm. GY

Rs. 1,490

EAZY Laundry hamper 40x40x50cm MTC     

Rs. 1,690

EAZY Laundry hamper 40x40x50cm WT/BK   

Rs. 1,690

HAMLIN Laundry hamper D34x40 cm. WT/BK

Rs. 1,990

NESTY 35L Laundry basket 42x39x45 GY

Rs. 2,590

GAGA Laundry basket with wheels GY

Rs. 3,990

BORUN PE Basket 46x34x25 cm. CR

Rs. 3,990

BODEN Basket 40x40 cm. CR/BN

Rs. 4,290

BODEN Laundry basket 40x40cm. SB

Rs. 4,290


Rs. 4,290

BAROS Laundry basket 38.5x38.5x39cm. CR

Rs. 4,490

LAUNNA Laundry basket 40x41x68 cm. WT/NT

Rs. 4,590

BAROS Laundry basket 41x41x46cm. CR

Rs. 4,990

LAUNRA Laundry basket 47x39x67 cm. WT/NT

Rs. 5,190

REVEN Laundry hamper 45x35x30cm. GY

Rs. 5,490

REVEN Laundry hamper 45x35x60cm. GY

Rs. 6,290

EAZY Bamboo laundry hamper 104L NT/BE  

Rs. 9,900